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Jake C.

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Building things that solve problems. Technology is my toolkit. Experiencing life as a global citizen with an open heart and a sharp mind 🇬🇧 🇹🇭

About me.

I'm not your average web developer.

Drawing from deep roots in web development and technical project management, I have positioned myself to deliver a robust value proposition across various digital activities. Clients who work with me benefit from my unique combination of skills, knowledge and creativity.


Education & Skills

    Lifelong Learner

    Every day brings new knowledge and lessons. I am passionately interested in many things.

  • 2011-2013
    Physics (private tuition)

    A Level, Grade A

  • 2008-2010
    Software Engineering

    National Diploma, Majority Distinctions

  • 2003-2008
    Secondary Education (GCSE)

    Straight-A Student

My skills

I'm a freelance technical problem solver, leveraging a background in back-end web development. Creativity, technology and communication fuel my value output.

Teamwork & Written Communication
Crafting World-Class Websites
Understanding Technical Requirements
Creative Technical Problem Solving
Online Community Moderation
GPT Prompt Engineering


Darwin Software Logo
Lead Web Architect
Full Time

With a decade of experience as a web developer focused on client success, I decided to launch a small and agile web development agency in 2020. We design, build and support world-class websites, private web systems, and web strategies for public businesses and private entities.

Worldcoin Logo
Lead Community Moderator
Part Time

Drawing on my passion for the Worldcoin mission, I leverage my technical and communication skills to assist the community management team. My role focuses on providing support to the community, maintaining a healthy discussion space, and creative contributions to growth & outreach efforts.

Web Archetype Logo
Senior PHP Developer
Full Time

My early career was focused on freelance and contract work. During this time I collaborated with and learnt from many developers to hone my skills as a developer, problem solver, and technical planner. Most importantly, I mastered the art of understanding clients and their technical requirements.

Service Offering

Website Development

Designing, building and supporting world-class websites for businesses. Modern, high-performance solutions following industry best practices.

Private Web Systems

Designing, building and supporting bespoke private web systems. Secure solutions crafted to meet very specific functional requirements.

Creative Technical Strategy

Leveraging websites and web-based technologies to help clients thrive in the online arena. Web integrations, emerging technologies, digital marketing.

Ad-Hoc Consultancy

Sharing my knowledge of established and emerging digital technologies. Helping clients make informed decisions related to their online activities.

Online Community Moderation

Striving to grow, engage and align online communities. Enforcing rules whilst maintaining healthy tolerance for freedom of speech. Balanced and empathetic.

GPT Prompt Engineering

Actively exploring AI Large Language Model capabilities since early 2023. Equipped to create custom GPTs and prompts, including SaaS and web integrations.


Featured Articles

Exploring what the internet might look like in 2030
The internet has proven to be one of the most world-changing technologies that humanity has ever created, but there's still plenty of evolution to come.
The uprising of generative AI and Large Language Models
2023 has been an explosive year for generative AI. This technology is a game-changer and evolving fast, so here are some thoughts on how to react.
The philosophy of balance & dualities
Balance seems to be a fundamental aspect of reality, applicable to the fundamental laws of physics, through to human traits and behaviours.
The significance of the social roles we embrace in life
We are all defined by the social roles we embrace in life. In addition to my professional roles, I am a life partner, son, brother, friend, mentor, and student.

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