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Jake C.

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Building things that solve problems. Technology is my toolkit. Experiencing life as a global citizen with an open heart and a sharp mind 🇬🇧 🇹🇭

About me.

I'm not your average web developer.

Drawing from deep roots in web development and technical project management, I position myself to deliver robust value propositions across various online objectives. Clients who work with me benefit from my unique combination of skills (see below) and cross-domain knowledge & creativity.


Education & Skills

    Lifelong Learner

    Every day brings new knowledge and lessons. I am passionately interested in technology, physics, economics, governance, psychology and spirituality.

  • 2011-2013
    Physics (private tuition)

    A Level, Grade A

  • 2008-2010
    Software Engineering

    National Diploma, Majority Distinctions

  • 2003-2008
    Secondary Education (GCSE)

    Straight-A Student

My skills

Fuelling my desire to create solutions that solve difficult problems.

Teamwork & Written Communication
Web2 Development (HTML, SCSS, JS, PHP, Craft CMS, DevOps)
Client/Stakeholder Relations
Understanding Technical Requirements
Creative Technical Problem Solving & Proposals
General Organisation & Scheduling
Utilisation of LLMs & Generative AI
Web3 Fundamentals


Worldcoin Logo
Lead Community Moderator
Part Time

Worldcoin is a blockchain-driven project delivering privacy-preserving ‘proof of personhood’ to the digital world, as a decentralised public utility.

My role at Worldcoin draws on my foundational technical web expertise, in addition to written communication skills and cross-domain creativity. I apply my skills and knowledge to help deliver positive outcomes for community-related activities and strategies. I wholeheartedly support the Worldcoin mission and the contribution that this project is making to humankind.

Worldcoin.org Worldcoin Discord
Darwin Software Logo
Lead Web Architect
Part Time

Delivering professional web-based services and value to clients.

Ensure client/stakeholder success by focusing on goals and objectives that deliver reliable solutions on time and on budget. I excel at absorbing client requirements and translating these into actionable technical proposals that define objectives, processes and outcomes. I also lead development efforts for outcomes that involve complex workflows or 'early adopter' processes.

Darwin Software
Web Archetype Logo
Senior PHP Developer

This represents my decade-long career as a PHP web developer for hire.

During this time I delivered back-end web solutions via employment, contracts and ad-hoc freelance services. I worked with many talented developers and colleagues who helped shape my understanding of the web industry and how to create value. I became obsessed with objectives, processes and outcomes, which led me to transition into a web agency owner role (see Darwin Software above).

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I have limited capacity for new projects but am open to opportunities if they compliment my current efforts and goals.

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