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Jake Cleveland

Software Engineer :: Senior PHP Architect

Driven by the desire to build creative web applications and solve technical problems. Advocate for secure, efficient and scalable code. Striving to improve the internet, one site at a time. I believe in the combination of talent and proven leading technologies, to create outstanding results and add value to the world.


Philip Morris & Son (Contract)

Senior PHP Developer
2017 - 2019

Working with another veteran developer on a bespoke legacy e-commerce system.

  • Legacy codebase with some areas dating back 15 years
  • Extensive exposure to Google Content API for Shopping
  • Full-stack development, from front-end to DevOps
  • Working very closely with stakeholders

Deep Astronomy (Contract)

Senior PHP Developer
2016 - Present

Built a community-orientated website, for a science outreach channel.

  • Significant bespoke functionality including Stripe API integration
  • Sole developer, working directly with the business owner
  • Ongoing maintenance of site, pending further funding
  • Plans for significant expansion of website functionality

Promotion Line (Contract)

Suffolk, UK
Lead PHP Developer
2015 - 2018

Led all development efforts on Bodyfanatix, a start-up healthcare platform.

  • Responsible for all aspects of development and proposals
  • Created and maintained documentation for the codebase, web infrastructure and functionality
  • AGILE project management with Atlassian's JIRA
  • Worked very closely with stakeholders and UX designers

Web Archetype

Senior PHP Developer
2010 - Present

I started freelancing, as Web Archetype, very early in my career. I have worked on countless projects and contracts since 2010, gradually learning from the projects themselves, as well as from other developers.

  • Huge variety of PHP projects
  • Extensive communication with clients and interpreting their requirements
  • Mastered MVC design patterns
  • Learning from other developers, at every opportunity

Blackthorn Technologies

London, UK
Web Developer
2009 - 2010

As I was fresh out of college, this role allowed me to nurture my passion for web development. I was given the freedom to create tools which improved efficiency within the company and supported the company's flagship risk-management product; Blackthorn.

  • End users included Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Defence Force
  • Limited exposure to ASP.NET (initially)



Ravenswood School
2003 - 2008
Achieved an A Grade in 11 subjects, including Maths, Science & English Literature.

ND Software Engineering

Bromley College F&HE
2008 - 2010
BTEC National Diploma with majority distinctions. Equivalent to AAC grades in A2 levels.

A2 Physics

Private Tuition
2012 - 2013
A* Grade. Pursued in my free time, due to a genuine and ongoing passion for physics and science as a whole.

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Expert, 10 years
Coding in PHP is my bread and butter. I created my first PHP app back in 2008 and I love finding new ways to utilise this flexible and prolific language.


Expert, 10 years
While true mastery still eludes me, I am extremely competent at designing, building, optimising and maintaining MySQL databases.


Advanced, 10 years
Very competent with all aspects of JavaScript development, particularly when using the jQuery library and integrating UI and back-end via Ajax.

Other Noteworthy Skills

CSS3 SASS & LESS Bootstrap 4 Font Awesome 5 Ajax AWS Linux Apache SSL (Lets Encrypt) GIT GitFlow CodeIgniter Stripe API YouTube API Google API reCAPTCHA v3 Froala Editor

Tech Stack


In my 35 years as a software engineer I've worked with many web programmers and Jake is one of the most professional and talented I have ever worked with. His code has our website extremely responsive and secure and we don't have the bloat and performance overhead associated with using stand-alone content management systems. Because of his work, Jake has given us a truly unique and highly customizable site that we have built our entire business on. Jake put us ahead of the pack before we ever got started!

Tony Darnell
CEO, Deep Astronomy

As a front-end developer myself, working with Jake for the last couple of years has been a great experience. His ability with back-end PHP coding is very impressive, due mostly to his experience in the field and creative approach to solving technical problems. I've learnt a lot and always found it extremely easy to collaborate with Jake on web applications we have built together.

Dan Brazier
Lead Developer, Jacob Bailey

Get In Touch

I am currently available for a part-time remote contract, up to 2 days per week. Any projects relating to science, education or artificial intelligence, are definitely of interest.

I can help with the following:

  • App development with PHP
  • Constructing back-end architectures
  • Refactoring legacy code
  • Web infrastructure via AWS (DevOps)
  • API development and integrations
  • Web systems and PHP consultation

Please use the form to leave a message, if you'd like to arrange an informal chat about how I might be able to help.

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