Jake Cleveland

Senior PHP Developer Technical Problem Solver Web Infrastructure Engineer


If you want to work with me on a freelance bases, my rates are explained below.
Please note that I am open to reducing my rates for scientific research and outreach projects.

Hourly Rate

£40 per hour

Projects that only require short-term involvement.

Examples include introducing bespoke functionality to an existing web system, refactoring code or providing consultancy services.

Daily Rate

£300 per day

Contracts that require my long-term involvement.

Working remotely, as part of an existing web development team, on one or more web systems. I am not currently seeking permanent on-site employment.

Bespoke websites

Prices from £750

Standard, fixed-price websites.

Static sites for promoting services & products. Can include contact forms, high-performance web hosting, e-commerce, blogs and custom forms.

All freelance work is invoiced via my Limited Company (Web Archetype Ltd.)
For new clients, 50% upfront payment is required, with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.
My rates are based on my experience, availability and the current market demand for developers with my particular skill sets and expertise.